Monday, February 2, 2015


Beyond the Consequences (Book 5) by Aleatha Romig

Provocative Professions by Angela Graham and SE Hall

Uncover Me by Author Chelle Bliss

The Belonging Duet Box Set by Author Corinne Michaels

TEASE: Seven Extended Excerpts including Corinne Michaels

Fading Trilogy Box Set by Author E.K. Blair

Three, two, one by Author J. A. Huss

Fat Louise by Jamie Begley

Reckless Radiance by Kate Roth : Author

Skip to the Good Parts: Part 3 with Kate Roth

Rescue Me by Author Kathy Coopmans

Kyland by Mia Sheridan

Dominic by MJ Fields books

Love Notes: A continuance of the Love, Wrapped, and Burning Souls series by MJ Fields

Razorblade Kisses by R.L. Griffin

Consume Me by Author Ryan Michele

VEGAS follows you home: Vegas by Author Sadie Grubor

Branded by Tara Sivec

Riskier Business by Tessa Bailey

Risking It All by Tessa Bailey

Intoxicate by Tessa Teevan-Author

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