Friday, March 20, 2015

***Author Spotlight on attending author Kimberly Adams (Stedronsky)***

Kimberly Stedronsky is an Ohio author who prefers an epic love story. She is the writer of paranormal, horror, and new adult romance. Heat things up with her erotic romance under Theresa Rite.

Roam (Roam #1)

West Perry has spent his existence searching for- and finding- Roam Camden. In every lifetime that he has found her, he has set out to save her- and in turn, save our world. He has failed six times throughout history to protect her from an immortal evil. 

Now, in their last life together, seventeen-year-old Roam discovers a way to travel through time and try again, knowing she must save herself, the man that she loves... 

And the life of their unborn child.

Fall (Roam #2)

After learning that her life's purpose is to fulfill a prophecy to save our world, Roam finds that she is pregnant- and missing the love of her life with all of her heart. Logan, her best friend, stands by her, helping her to find a way back to West... despite his own love for her. On a journey that will take her to another body and life in 1955 and, eventually, to another world, Roam will discover that before she can rise and protect our world and her child from an immortal evil... She must fall.

Rise (Roam #3)

Roam, imprisoned in an ancient land and left to the mercy of Troy's cruel reign, longs for freedom, her child, and West. Surviving with only Logan's presence to save her from certain insanity, she turns to herself and finds that she alone possesses the strength and power to save her own life.

Deep within her soul, Roam remembers her timeless love for West and their child. Drawn together for the final battle, Roam and West cling to each other… and the promise of one last life…


Below Unforgiven (Movie #1)

Vivian Hale doesn’t cope. She runs.

Spending the summer in small town Pennsylvania, working for minimum wage in the old trailer-turned-video-store, Vivian longs to move on after her world came crashing down around her. She’s given up on her acting dream and is willing to do whatever it takes to make enough money to get a place of her own and start over- anything, of course, but sacrifice her pride.

Oscar winning, LA director Keaton Thorne is back home for the first time in seven years, determined to survive one weekend with his family. As best man in his little brother’s wedding, he has one job- show up with his gorgeous wife and prove to everyone in the small town that he’s better than his father had ever been. 

When Keaton makes her a clich├ęd offer that she just can’t refuse, Vivian tries to protect her heart. She knows the difference between right and wrong. 

Between moral and immoral…

Between acting… and reality. 

One weekend. One man.

One yes.


Before A Perfect World (Movie #2)

Keaton never dreamed that he could fall so fast.

Vivian never imagined that she could fall… twice.

Vivian heads to the set of her first movie, determined to keep her promise to Matthew- even with Keaton in the director’s chair. Knowing the Round-Up Killer is still at large, the cast and crew try to do their job while worrying for their own safety.

Keaton struggles to keep Vivian close and respect the space that she’s asked for, but nothing prepares them for a frightening attack. The two find themselves stranded together in an isolated mountain cabin…

Left to the mercy of a killer.

Matthew refuses to rest until Vivian is safe, and Keaton’s family stands behind him in the search. The manhunt for the Round-Up Killer- and the abducted actress and director- makes national headlines. Their families struggle to cling to the hope that they will be found…


For Vivian and Keaton, their love is threatened and their lives are at stake. Keaton will stop at nothing to protect the family that has always wanted…

No matter what the cost

Kimberly has more books that what is listed above. You can find out more about Kimberly and her new releases on her Facebook PageGoodreads Author Page and her Amazon Author Page

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