Thursday, June 23, 2016


We are just a few days away!...

It's almost here! Can you believe it? Don't worry, we can't either . 

We wanted to update you with the seating chart, ticketing process, and some other FAQs to help ease your worries about the event. 

This has also been posted on both facebook pages and will be on hand at the door, if you need it. 

You saw the * and may have a lot of questions. 

  • What does this mean? 
This means we anticipate that this author will have a longer line, thus a long wait time. So attendees are given a ticket to hold their place in line so they can continue to enjoy the event, but still get a spot in line .

  • How does this work?
When you enter a line for any ticketed author, there will be someone standing there handing out numbers for that author. You can then leave the line, and go visit with other authors while waiting. You will see a young lady walking around with a bull horn. As the lines dwindle down for these tickets authors, she will be calling out a group of numbers. For example, she will walk around and say "Helena Hunting #s 15-30" . This means the attendees with those numbers can go enter Helena's line at that time, or with the next groups (as long as their number has already been called, they can enter the line). The idea is to keep these lines around 15 people.
  • Why are you doing this?
This will help with line congestion. It also stops you from spending the majority of your time in line waiting to see only one author and missing out on all the others. 
  • I am a VIP ticket holder, how does the lunch break work?
The ballroom will be cleared out when lunch break begins. If you have a VIP ticket and are in line for an author when we break for lunch, you will also be given a ticket (if the author chooses to leave for lunch). This means that when the General Admission time begins, you can return to that same spot in line for that same author. If you choose to go to another author's line when GA begins, your spot/ticket will be forfeit. You have to return to the same author/same line.

  • When is the event?
June 25, 2016 . 11-12 is VIP. 12-1 is lunch break. 1-5 is General Admission. 
  • Does my ticket need to be printed? 
Your ticket does not have to be printed. As long as we can scan it or view it on your Eventbrite app, email, etc we will take it for admittance.
  • Does the ticket have to be in my name?
The name does not need to match. We know tickets were bought/sold, it's okay if the ticket is under another person's name. 
  • Will we get discounts on parking?
Unfortunately, no. We all have to pay the parking price. 
  • What are the parking options?
You can find the parking options here --->>

*Also posted below

  • Where do we pick up bags and tees?
There is a registration table where you will turn in your ticket. This is where the shirts and totes will be located. They are all labeled. You will need to give the volunteer your name, and they will retrieve your order. 
  • Will there be extra totes and tees for sale at the event?
A very very few will be on hand at the event. By very, very few we mean under 5. They are first come, first serve.
  • Can we bring other items to be signed?
Yes! People bring pictures, kindle covers, home made books, etc. Bring whatever you would like. We encourage it!
  • Is there a limit per author of books we can have signed?
We don't have a limit. We only ask if you have a large quantity of books to be signed, please visit with the author and get a few signed. Then leave the large quantity with the author and ask if you can retrieve them later. This too is to help with line management and wait times for you and other attendees.

  • How will the authors know who to sign a book to?
We will have post its at the event. Please put the name of who the book is intended for on the post it. You will also be given a name tag at registration. Please clearly spell your name (who you would like the book signed to) on the name tag. The event gets loud, this will help the author make sure the book is made out to the correct person/spelling. 
  • Can we bring rolling carts?
Yes! If you are comfortable bringing a rolling cart, please do!

  • What room is the event in?
Orchid Ballroom at the Westin. There will be signs directing you where to go.

  • How do we get our pictures from the Photobooth?

Pics will be printed at the event. There will be props there too, which always make for fun photos to take home!
  • Can we bring in food or drinks?

Food is a no. Drinks, are a yes. Bottled water, bottled soda, etc , is all acceptable. Please remember to deposit empty drinks in the proper trash receptacles. 

  • Last year the event had raffles. Will there be raffles again this year? 
There will be! We have some amazing prizes! Please remember raffle tickets are cash only. The same awesome young lady with the bull horn will be the one announcing raffle winners throughout the event! Make sure to stop by the raffle table and get some tickets !!

We think that is everything. Please remember to have fun. That is the most important thing. We all come together because of our love of these authors and their amazing books and what they mean to us. Let's keep it fun and exciting for everyone!



  1. Is this 6AM EST? Can't wait for this event!

  2. IS there a wait list for 2017/ in case there is an opening? My Co author and I would love a table!

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