Wednesday, April 22, 2015

***Q&A with attending authors***

We want to thank all the attending authors who took time out of their busy schedules to answers submitted by readers on our Facebook page! 

aaannndd... Here. We. Go....

What has been the best/worst part of this journey?
Ryan- Best-meeting authors and fans. The worst is my own fault. It’s the pressure that I put on myself.

Shay- The best part is how much more time I have now to spend with my family. I used to work 60 hours a week, and I realized I missed a lot of my kids’ early years. I’m trying to make up for it now. It’s also wonderful to make a living doing what I love to do anyway. The worst part is trying to be a marketing person. I’m not very good at self-promotion, and I feel like this is a very weak point of mine.

Lisa- Best: There are so many “best” parts to my journey. I’ve met new people and made new friends. I’ve gotten the opportunity to share my stories with the world. I’ve turned what has been a lifelong hobby into something I dream to do full time.

Kate- The best part has been forming the friendships I have with fellow authors and readers. I’ve met some incredible people who I will consider friends forever. 
The worst part is that I, like many others I’m sure, continue to struggle with insecurities about my work and my career. 

JA Hensley- The best part has been the friends that I have made. The worst has been the self-doubt.

Sara- The best: falling in love with my characters and having readers tell me they fell in love with them, too. Meeting and interacting with so many people that share a passion for books like I do. The worst: second-guessing yourself ALL.THE.TIME.

Abby- The best part of the writing journey for me has been getting to live my dream. 

Skye- Best- Making great friends who really “get” you and who share your accomplishments and downfalls.
Worst- Some people are just jerks, but you learn quickly that they don’t matter. :)

Nelle- The worst part of this journey has been finding balance. I feel like I’m at my computer 24/7. Writing and marketing/self-promotion are two full time jobs. I have little time for my family, my friends, or myself. The best part, without a doubt, are my wonderful readers, many of whom have become dear friends. I can’t begin to tell you how much it means when a reader tells me she loved one of books. 

Heather- Meeting awesome bloggers and fans!

Mj Fields - Best is meeting readers who have been touched by my books, worst? DRAMA, lol.

Sadie- The creative expression has been awakening and rejuvenating. It’s been hard to make a name in a saturated market and through the ‘cliques’ 

Where do you do most of your writing? (Office, couch, bed??)
Ryan- Living Room

Shay- In my office. I don’t have a proper desk. I work on an old kitchen table.

Lisa- Kitchen table – I have my laptop set up there and I sit on an office chair!

Kate- Mostly in my office at my desk, at my salon or at McAlister’s Deli!

Erin- All of the above! I rotate depending on my mood and where the sun is shining. Also, Panera restaurant is a favorite haunt.

JA Hensley- I do most of my writing on the love seat in my living room.

Sara- At the dining room table, in the sunny seat, on the laptop

RL Griffin- I write everywhere. I'm actually typing this in the car (I'm not driving…)

Abby- On the couch, baby-gated in the living room so crazy babies are stuck with me.

Skye- My office or on my sectional. It’s SO comfy.

Nelle- My dining room table. I write in total chaos. Family meals are a thing of the past. L

Heather- Couch with my French Bulldog lying on me. 

Mj Fields - Couch, office, and the bed is NKT for writing ;)

Sadie- My desk and laptop for official writing. Outlining and plotting, a notebook wherever I can get a moment from work and mommy duties.

If you couldn't be an author, what profession would you choose?
Ryan- Professional Reader???

Shay - I used to work in IT, and I did like what I did there. I would probably go into information security if the author thing didn’t work out.

Lisa-  I am a full time high school English teacher, and I also adjunct teach at a community college. I love teaching others how to become better writers.

Kate- I love my other full time job as a hair stylist so I get the best of both worlds.

Erin- I went to college to be a lawyer (hahahaha) but I definitely wouldn’t want to do that now. I’d be good at real estate I think, or doing something in forensics. 

Sara- Author-ing is my “side” job. Forty hours a week I’m a Loss Prevention & Risk Analyst. (That’s fancy for accounts receivable, and no, I didn’t choose it. It chose me. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.)

Abby- I used to be in banking, I did all kinds of things, my most recent was selling annuities and life insurance. I would prob do that again if I worked a traditional job. I am good at talking to people.

Skye- I was an editor before I was an author and I went to college to be a journalist/ broadcast journalist, so probably one of those.

Nelle- A dog walker. I’d get plenty of exercise! And I love doggies!

Heather- Well, I’m a pharmacist, but I wouldn’t choose that again. What job includes playing with puppies on the beach all day?

Sadie- I am not currently ‘author only’. I work a day job, BUT I totally missed my calling as the ‘Morgue Doctor’ – not sure what this is officially called.

MJF - Adolescent or young adult counselor.

If you could meet any author, dead or alive, who would you pick?
Shay- Douglass Adams. I need to know what that rhinoceros in Salmon of Doubt was all about. RIP

Lisa- Shakespeare. I have a lot of questions.

Kate- Katherine Applegate. She wrote a series of teen romances that I loved (and still love actually) growing up. I would love to meet her, thank her and ask her lots of questions!

Erin- Edgar Allan Poe. I want to see what was rumor and what was reality.

JA Hensley- I really want to meet E.L. James and Julie Richman

Sara- Stephenie Meyer. I was so close to meeting her at the BD2 premiere, but my number didn’t get called. I started reading again because of Twilight.

RL - Stephen King

Abby -Anne Rice

Skye- Just one? Nora Roberts. I love her. She’s my favorite author and I’ve read her since I was 14.

Nelle- Either Wendy Wasserstein or Nora Ephron. Two of the funniest, most brilliant women ever! I’d also like to meet Ernest Hemingway, but I’m sure he’d be a self-centered, arrogant prick!

Heather- Vince Flynn. LOVE his CIA books. Mitch Rapp is the hottest alpha ever.

Sadie- Edgar Allen Poe, Steven King, Anne Rice 

Mjf- God

What is your current read?
Ryan- Listening to Unexpected Fate by Harper Sloan (It’s not the first time J )

Shay- Absolute Beginners by SJ Hooks. I had to stop for a while to finish writing the last of the Evan Arden series, but I’ll get back to it again soon!

Lisa - I just finished the Thoughtless books by SC Stephens. I’ve been editing Vintage Volume Two, and I’m in the middle of Thrust by Victoria Ashley. My next book will be After Dark by M. Pierce.

Kate- I’m currently reading Sawyer Says by Carey Heywood and a copy of Them is waiting for me on my kindle! Eep!

Erin- The Kind Worth Killing. It’s a mystery/thriller kind of deal. I also just read Girl on the Train. I must have murder on my mind.

Tessa Bailey- I am currently tearing through everything Charlotte Stein has ever written. I started with INTRUSION a few months ago, then went to TAKEN, SHELTERED and FORBIDDEN, but by the time you read this, I’m hoping to have read ten more. I just find her voice so unique and extraordinary. Not enough people read her books!

Sara- Out of the Shadows (Werewolf Wars #1) by Bethany Shaw

Abby- I’m reading Meredith Wild’s Hacker series.

Skye-The Liar by Nora Roberts

Nelle- The Hacker series by Meredith Wild. It’s very good. She is such a star.

Heather- too many to list

Sadie- Still figuring out my next read. I don’t usually sit and read a book over time. Usually, it’s a pick it, read it, and done within a day or two. I just finished a book and haven’t picked the next – YET.

Mjf- This questionnaire.

If you could be any character in any book, for 24 hours, who would you pick?
Ryan- Ava from Rock Chick Revenge. LOVE LOVE LOVE that book. It is a go-to book of mine.

Shay- Legolas from Lord of the Rings. That would be awesome!

Kate- Wow, that’s so tough!! I’m going with a weird one…Robin Hood. I love that story. Always have, always will.

Abby- Ara Rose from The Dark Secret Series by AM Hudson

Nelle- Monica from CD Reiss’s Complete Submission series. I’d like to be dominated by sexy as hell Jonathan. Oooh!

Mjf- Melyssa

What is your first signed book?
Ryan- I think it was Temptation by Nicole Edwards, but I am a signed book whore. LOVE them and have an ever growing collection. 

Shay- My mom got me a book signed by Peggy Parish. I have no idea if that was the first or not, but that’s what comes to mind.

Lisa- Three Weeks with my Brother by Nicholas Sparks (and I also met his brother Micah, who signed the book as well!)

Kate- The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

JA Hensley- My first signed book is Lessons Learned by Sydney Logan

Skye- Midnight Bayou Hardback by Nora Roberts

Nelle- Dewitched: The Untold Story of the Evil Queen. I signed at a sweet local book store

Heather- Archer’s Voice, Mia Sheridan. LOVE her.

Sadie- JR Ward – Lover Awakened. It’s wrapped up tight and protected. J

If you could have any book signed, which book would you want?
Shay- Autographed copy of Poe’s Tamerlane. I could auction it off and pay my kids’ college tuition.

Lisa- Romeo and Juliet. Or Thoughtless by SC Stephens.

Kate- Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahnuik

JAH- Fifty Shades of Grey

Abby- I really, really want a signed The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay, like really. Please if you have one??? KATJA come to cleveland PLEASE!! #sawduster4life

Skye- I love all signed books. But I would LOVE a Signed copy of To Kill a Mockingbird

Nelle- Elements of Style by the late great Wendy Wasserstein. It was her first and only novel. I loved that book.

Heather- IT, by Stephen King.

Mjf- Real ;) 

Do you write in silence, or do you need background noise?
Ryan-  I like to write in silence, but a lot of times my children are running around.

Shay- I try to keep it pretty quiet, but that doesn’t always happen. I’m good at ignoring what’s going on around me.

Lisa-  I need music. I usually have a playlist that has between one and three songs on repeat while I write a book.
Kate- It really depends on my mood and what I’m working on. A lot of times I like to have music on. I tend to make playlists for whatever I’m writing but sometimes I like quiet, usually for intense scenes.

Erin- I need music. Always music.

JAH- I have to write with music on or I get really distracted

Sara- Depends on the scene J

RL- I need music to write. Sometimes I write to the TV or anything else, but there has to be some noise. 

Abby- I can have noise, just not extreme noise. I have to be able to hear my thoughts.

Skye - I usually have the playlist from whatever I’m working on playing on Spotify. It helps me stay in the “zone.” I can’t handle complete silence.

Nelle- I write in white noise. There’s always someone coming and going in my house, dogs barking, coyotes howling, and sirens blaring outside, and my hubby always has the TV on. Unlike many authors, I cannot write with music playing.

Heather- noise

Emily - I listen to music while I write. I actually make soundtracks for each book, tracking the story and reflecting what I listened to while writing.

Mjf- music!

Sadie - I usually write to music.

Favorite writing snacks??
Ryan- Jelly Bird Jelly Beans

Shay- Protein shakes and Quest bars.

Lisa- It’s actually pretty hard to eat while writing, so it has to be something I can easily grab. Wine comes to mind.

Kate- Coffee, wine, candy. Generally anything bad for me is good for writing!

Erin- I have never actually snacked while writing. Ever. I’ve never even thought about eating while writing. But I drink coffee like it’s the nectar of the gods. Which it is. 


Sara- Iced tea and anything involving dark chocolate.

RL - Red wine

Skye- Cherry sours, coffee, and water.

Nelle- Diet Coke, peanuts in the shell, and Trident Blue gum. I go through two packs of gum a day and I’m not going to tell you how many Diet Cokes. I’m really bad.

Sadie- Sweet Tea or Wine. Gummy Bears.

Mjf- Hehehehe… um… nonya.

Who do you fangirl over?

Ryan-  Kristen Ashley (Met her at Wicked Book Weekend in Ft. Lauderdale LOVE her)

Shay- The only time I think I ever truly fangirled was over Nivek Ogre. I had no idea he was at the convention I was attending, and I just about lost my mind. I think it was the shock of it all. I was shaking. He was simply wonderful though. Liam McIntyre was a close second.

Lisa-  SC Stephens, M. Pierce, CD Reiss

Kate- Gail McHugh, Carey Heywood, Terri Anne Browning. And two of those ladies are friends of mine which is just fucking cool.

JAH- I fangirl over Chelle Bliss, Harper Sloan, Jasinda Wilder, and if I ever get to meet her, JR Ward

Abby- Colleen Hoover and Rebecca Donovan

Skye- Lots of people. I’m lucky enough to call a lot of them friends.

Nelle- CD Reiss. I recently read her Complete Submission series and the follow-up, Coda. I loved every beautiful word. She gave me an acute case of writer’s envy.

Heather- Mia Sheridan, Tina Reber


Sadie- Penny Reid & Kristen Ashley

Does your family read your books? If so, what do they think?
Ryan- My husband, no. My father has though. I thought I’d be embarrassed, but nope. He’s great.

Shay-Yes. My parents are extremely proud and supportive. They pass my books out to people all the time. I’m trying to figure out how to gentle suggest they have people BUY them instead, but I’ll still take it. Ha!

Lisa-  My husband is always my first beta reader, so he’s read everything. He’s the one who encouraged me to publish, and he tells me all the time that he loves my books and I’m his favorite author.

Kate- My in-laws have read my books and they are incredibly supportive. My mother in law usually wants to have a long talk after she finishes one of my books so she can ask me questions and tell me her favorite parts. It makes me really happy to have that kind of encouragement from them.

JAH- My mom and my aunt are my proofreaders. They say they like them.

Sara- Yes, except for my husband. He hasn’t read them. I don’t write explicit, so I don’t worry about the intimate stuff shocking them. Everyone has been beyond supportive, which is more than I expected. I kept my writing a secret until I pushed publish on my first book, Guardian. I guess I thought people would think I was wasting my time, but I was wrong! Everyone, from my grandparents to my parents to my aunts, uncles, cousins, my kids’ friends mothers – you name it – has been amazing.

RL - My sister reads them all. She tells me her opinion and it differs based on the book. Some are more her speed. My mom one of my first readers and tells me her honest opinion. My 86 year old grandmother reads every single book and tells me they are "raunchy." I love it. 

Abby - My sisters have. One reads because she loves it, the other reads out of obligation.

Skye- My husband, no. My mom and in laws, do. My daddy is not allowed to. Everyone is very supportive.

Nelle- If so, what do they think? NO!! My teenage daughters are mortified that I write erotic romances and my hubby won’t read a word though he does give me some of my best male lines and claims he’s Blake Burns. LOL!

Heather - My mom has read them all. She loves them.

Sadie- Yes. They each have their favorites, but like them for the most part. They are quick to tell me what book they want next.

Mjf- My mom, nope. Sisters, aunts, and cousins, yep. They love them of course, they know I write from the depth of my heart and my naughty mind. (They are not much different than me… scary huh?)

If they were to make a movie of your life, who would you want to play you?
Shay- Vin Diesel. I want my life to be that kind of movie.

Kate- Someone badass like Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence!

Erin- My boyfriend insists on answering this question. He wants Marisa Tomei to play me. Which I can live with. If he said January Jones we were going to have issues. ;)

RL - Jennifer Lawrence. For no reason other than she's a bad ass. 

Skye- Me. :)

Nelle- The glamorous and witty Katherine Hepburn. Have you noticed I gravitate to dead people?

Sadie- Rebel Wilson

What is your favorite childhood book?
Ryan- Any Dr. Seuss book

Shay-Go Dog Go – do you like my hat? J

Lisa- Freaky Friday

Kate- Zoey Fools Around by Katherine Applegate

Erin- Every book in the library. I don’t know, honestly. I loved all the books. I read every book in the children’s section by the age of eight, and moved on to non-fiction, then to YA, then on to horror and romance by the age of twelve. 

JAH- I absolutely loved the Sweet Valley High series and anything from V.C. Andrews

Tessa Bailey- This is so silly, but when I was ten, I had this massive crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas (from Home Improvement). I read in Tiger Beat Magazine that his favorite book was HATCHET. So I read it cover to over, thinking—I don’t know—that it would bring us closer together. Now, when I think about childhood books I read, that one stands out. I remember liking it just all right, but exaggerating just how much so everyone would think I was JTT’s soul mate. Yeah, I know. It’s weird

Sara- The Monster at the End of this Book by Jon Stone. If you’re thinking of teen years, it would be Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

RL - The Giving Tree

Abby -The Giving Tree 

Skye- Where the Sidewalk Ends

Nelle- Nancy Drew everything.

Heather - Watership Down. Love those bunnies.

Sadie - Any Dr. Suess

If you weren't writing, what would you be doing?
Ryan- Reading or making crafts. 

Shay- Working out. Actually, I have to pause in answering these questions and head to the gym…

Lisa- Hanging out with my husband while we walk our dog
Kate- Probably doing hair…or baking pies.

Erin- Right this minute? Laying on the beach.

JAH- Reading

Abby - The only way I wouldn't be writing is if I had no hands, and then I am sure there would be an app for that.

Nelle- Selling apples on Hollywood Boulevard. I used to be a television executive, but I no longer have any relevant skills, so no one would hire me at this point in my life. *Sniff*

Mjf- Playing, hiking, dancing, singing, anything that makes me and people I love happy. OH a JOB?!?!?! Dominatrix.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to start in the writing game what would it be?
Ryan-Keep your chin up and write from your heart.

Shay- Tough skin. No matter how good you are, someone is going to hate your book. Don’t take it personally – this is business.

Lisa- Write every day and write for yourself. Don’t worry about the haters. Haters gonna hate.

Kate- WRITE! If you write, you are a writer. Be a writer before you attempt to be an author. Author is just the job title.

Erin - Read a ton in the genre you want to write. Then start writing the first book and don’t stop until you finish it. Then get advice and do publishing research. Not before you write it, or you’ll just psyche yourself out.

JAH- Write, write, and write some more.

Tessa B- Don’t complain. Just get it done. My first book (PROTECTING WHAT’S HIS) was picked up by my lovely editor at Entangled, Heather, but the edits needed to be turned around in a couple days if I wanted to make the February wave of releases. Now that wouldn’t be an issue, but back then, it was my first editing process and I was going in pretty blind. But I wanted to make that February publication date so I could release with some great authors and have their support. So I didn’t sleep for 48 hours, I just ground out those edits and I made the deadline. It’s not an easy profession and it’s very tempting to say, “I can’t do it. It’s too hard.” But you might limit yourself in doing so. Also—have fun! LOL.

Sara-Do it! Don’t be intimidated or scared. Don’t worry about what others think. If there’s a story in your head dying to get out, write it down. It will drive you crazy if you don’t.

RL - Fucking write. Don't think about writing or talk about writing. Just write. 

Abby- Love what you are writing.

Skye- Just do it! You’ll never know what you’re capable of unless you try. But make sure you give it your all. Invest in yourself. Do it right. If you are going to ask others to invest in you, then you first need to invest in yourself.

Nelle-Read, read, read! And be sure to read some self-help books on writing a novel. Learn the difference between telling and showing. And when you’re ready, don’t be afraid to get the words down.

Heather- Stay true. Write what you love, not what will sell.

Mjf- If it is calling you out of your sleep write it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because, hell I never thought I would be doing this either and it’s going pretty well, lol.

Sadie- Be professional, but remember to have fun and enjoy it.

What is your favorite part of attending the events? The hardest?
Ryan-The Favorite: I LOVE meeting the fans. I’m honored that they want to read my books and actually like them. It still boggles me. The Hardest: Some think that I’m unsociable, but I’m very shy. Just going up to my favorite authors and talking is hard for me. But once I know you, I’m not shy at all.

Shay- Meeting everyone, especially when I can finally put a body to someone I’ve known on line for a long time. The hardest is recovering/getting back to work when I get home!

Lisa- Favorite: Meeting new people and making new friends. Hardest: Traveling with suitcases full of books!

Kate-Meeting people! Partying! Having people ask for my signature (how freaking cool is that???)! The hardest part is leaving! I’m sad when events are over. I’ve had fun at every single one I’ve attended.

JAH- My favorite (and hardest) part is meeting new people. I’m really shy at first but I love making new friends.

Sara- Favorite: meeting readers and authors – and touching all the books ;) Hardest: organizing things at home with the hubs and kids so I can leave!

Skye- Fave- Meeting everyone and talking to people. Hardest- Going home!

Nelle-  Meeting fans and fellow writers is for sure the best part--so rewarding! The hardest is the preparation. I’m not a very organized person and tend to procrastinate so everything comes together at the last minute in a frenzy.

Heather - Meeting people is the best. Hardest? Hauling all the stuff in a suitcase.

Mjf- Meeting people who love my characters as much as I do. Meeting people I have connected with and already feel like I know them. Bottem line, I love to meet fun people and events are the perfect place for that.

Sadie- I LOVE to meet readers & bloggers face to face and other authors I chat with online. The Hardest is the travel and carrying everything to the event. LOL Even with my table assistants, it just gets you a bit worn out before it even starts.

What prompted this writing journey for you???
Ryan- I heard this voice in my head, Sadie. She was so hurt and wanted her story told. I asked an author friend of mine what they thought. She told me to start writing it down and see where it takes me. It took me a really really long time, but Sadie’s story came to life in Safe. I had so many people read it and give me advice on it. Then I gave it to some others and fixed it again. Repeat a lot and the day I hit publish, I hid in a corner.

Shay-As far as becoming a full-time author, it was a combination of Surviving Raine suddenly getting noticed and a new boss who was…well…it wasn’t working out. J

Kate- I started writing in middle school and never really stopped. Eventually I considered publishing, queried a few small presses and the rest is history.

JAH- A friend encouraged me to try it out after I had been a blogger for a while.

Tessa B- After I gave birth to my daughter, I stayed home for a year while my husband worked. It was pretty lonely and I didn’t have a creative outlet. So when my husband was out of work for 6 weeks, because of Hurricane Sandy, I used that time to release some creative impulses by writing my first published book. It just poured out of me because it had been pent up so long. So, the storm was awful, but I probably would never have had time otherwise.

Sara- A discussion with a friend and characters that appeared in my head who wouldn’t be quiet.

RL - Insomnia

Abby- I always wrote, mostly as a coping mechanism. I started blogging over three years ago and my blog partner prompted me to do nanowrimo.

Skye- I’ve always written. I can’t NOT write.
Nelle- Unemployment and a mortgage to pay. Over lunch three years ago, a dear friend told me about a mutual acquaintence who had written her first book and gotten a big publishing deal. That night, Dewitched was born
Heather- A dare to myself to see if I could do it.

Sadie- It started as an outlet, but my husband pressed me to go for it for real. So, Mr. G is the biggest prompt.

Mjf- A dream, no joke.

Who was your first kiss? Was it any good?
Ryan-Don’t remember, so no not good. L

Shay-His name was Matt. I think we were about nine years old. I thought it was at the time. LMAO!

Lisa- My neighbor, Tom, in a hot tub when I was in eighth grade. It sounds hotter than it was.

Kate - Oh, man. My first REAL kiss, like French kiss was with a kid named Frankie in the seventh grade and actually it wasn’t half bad! He even tried to get to second base.

Tessa B- It was terrible. His name was Ryan Turk and he kissed me by the big dumpster area outside my high school, still wearing his sweaty, smelly football pads from practice. It was pretty sloppy and he put his hand on my butt. It was all very smelly and presumptuous. I couldn’t run away fast enough in the other direction.

Skye- Brian C. I was 14. It was very sweet. Good first kiss!

Nelle- David H. Freshman year, high school, at the local ice skating arena. At the time, I wasn’t not sure if was any good as I had nothing to compare it to. In retrospect, it sucked. If I recall, it was a tongue bath. Ewww!

Heather- I’ll keep the identity secret, but it was awful. It was at school, and I immediately turned around to leave and smacked into the glass door.

Mjf- Kindergarten, peck on the lips. Cute. Sixth grade MP shoved his tongue in my mouth and, I kind of liked it. Was it good? Pffft, I made it good.

Sadie- Too young and awkward to be worth talking about. 

What's the most awkward or funny thing that's happened to you during intimate times with a significant other?
Shay-Is there anything worse than queefing??

Lisa- Hot sauce. A word of advice: Make your significant other wash his hands sometime between eating spicy hot wings and getting intimate.

Abby-  I can not say, I am writing a romantic comedy and I may have some real life embarrassing moments mixed in.

Skye- We laugh often, so it’s hard to pinpoint one thing. I think sex should be fun and it’s important to not be too serious.

Nelle- My hubby and I crashed the bed. It inspired a funny scene in my THAT MAN series.

Sadie- A cop pulling up next to the car. 

Emily-My hubby hugged me afterward and I banged my head on the footboard by accident. He was mortified and said, “Do you have a concussion? I think I just committed an urban dictionary terrible sex act on you. I'm so sorry." I was totally fine and we laughed for about an hour.

Mjf- It’s not a lollipop.” So I bit it. 

What hurts more after a book signing, your face(from smiling so much) or your writing hand?
Ryan-  I’d say the crash. I’m so excited about the whole thing, the adrenaline pumping that when it’s over, I crash.

Shay-Writing hand. I usually schedule some time with my massage therapist after a signing. Someday, I’ll just bring him with me.

Kate- Usually my hand.

JAH- My face hurts more than my writing hand.

Sara- I would say my entire body! Spending all day making sure I smile, stand up straight, and try not to look like a dork.

RL - My face. 

Skye- I usually lose my voice.

Nelle- Neither. Maybe I’m not popular?
Mjf- Face from smiling and I love it. And sometimes head, I think it’s called a hangover… things can get out of control.

Sadie- This is a tough one! My laugh lines are pretty embedded, so I’ll say writing hand.

What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
Shay-I’m not sure if it’s the most embarrassing, but I’m horrible with names. I’ll remember faces, but not names. I always feel bad when someone remembers my name and I don’t know theirs.

Sara- Recently? Falling down and crashing into a door jamb at Indie Unmasked last fall – in front of the cover models. **smh**

RL - I fell on the way to a strip club, on my face. I needed ice for my face at the strip club. 

Abby- The Phantom Pisser, that is all.

Skye- There are so so many. Probably when I met Brett Favre. I was like 15 and had the BIGGEST crush on him. So, I was a bit of an idiot. I think I forgot my name. I don’t embarrass easily though.

Nelle- I accidentally sent a nasty email about someone to that person. Yikes!

Sadie- I know I have one, but I can’t think of it. (It’s hard to really embarrass me to the point I remember it for more than a moment.)

Emily -It’s really hard to embarrass me, but I guess I can pick any one of my many supremely klutzy moments. In law school, I was editor-in-chief of law review and had my own office. I didn't want to take the time to get up and get printer paper, so I reached over to grab it off the bookshelf, but the high heel of my boot caught in my purse strap and I took a flying leap across the room and face planted on my desk (note – I wear really high heels, which does not help my klutziness). My best friend, Sara, had to take me around with an ice pack to my class to say I couldn't attend (which was bad enough with my fat lip) and then to the hospital, where I had to convince them my friend was not beating me up – I was just that incredibly spastic.

Mjf- Peed my pants in gym class in the first grade. It happens, I am finally over it. THANKS FOR BRINGING IT UP!

Favorite lipstick color?
Ryan-This mauvy berry color or something
Kate- Hot pink
Erin- Rich Red by Dior
Skye - Berry or red.
Nelle- Mac Santiago Red. It’s discontinued. My hubby paid $150 for the last tube in the world on Ebay for Mother’s Day last year.
Mjf- Downtown Brown
Sadie- Red

Favorite perfume?
Ryan-Mad about You-It’s from Bath and Body Works. I’m not a big perfume person, but love the smell of this spray.
Shay-I wear an essential oil called Magic Hour.
Lisa- Black by Kenneth Cole
Kate- Ambre Blends
Erin- Noir (it’s a cinnamon oil)
RL - Dolce & Gabana Light 
Abby- Purple
Skye- Diesel
Nelle- Hermes Amazon. My one and only scent.
Sadie- Angel 
Mjf- Tease

Which of your books is closest to your heart?
Ryan-Safe. Sadie is near and dear to my heart. (I love my Ravage guys too).

Shay-Otherwise Occupied. I think it’s my best work.

Lisa- Separation Anxiety and Vintage Volume Two (I can’t pick just one!)

Kate- Sway

Sara- It has to be Guardian, because it was my first <3

RL-This is an unfair question and I refuse to say which child is my favorite. 

Abby- The Breathing Series and The Sea of Tranquility

Skye- James Black. There is so much from my real life in that book. It’s very personal.

Nelle- They’re all equally close to my heart. Dewitched, because it’s my first book and took me three years to write and edit; Seduced by the Park Avenue Billionaire because it was my first erom and was inspired by a great lover; Undying Love because it’s my “beautiful” book and makes me cry; Gloria’s Secret because Gloria is such a strong, powerful woman and THAT MAN because I’m totally in love with Blake Burns. My new book series, Unforgettable, is equally close to my heart.

Heather- Incite. I love Adam. I want to curl up and hold him.

Sadie- They all have a special spot, so it’s hard to really choose just one.

Mj Fields- Love Series was my first. It’s VERY close to my heart, but all of them are. Men of Steel is my baby for many reasons.

Favorite position during intimate times? (from Sadie Grubor...she's such a dirty bird ;) )
Shay-On my knees, ass in the air. ;)
Kate- HA, Sadie! I’m a fan of girl on top. And anything that’s creative and on the fly. Why the hell not try it all?
Erin- That’s a little TMI for me, but I will tell you that While My Guitar Gently Weeps by the Beatles will always get me in the mood. Always. 
JAH- Doggie style
Abby- I love how the question has the author’s name, like Sadie wants to know if you like it doggy or vanilla.
Skye- Changes daily.
Nelle- On top.
Sadie- Whoot! This is my question! I can’t wait to read the answers or see who is brave enough to put it out there. JI’m a variety kind of girl & lucky to have my hubs. J As long as he’s in charge, I’m game. 
Mjf- Reverse Cowgi… WHY AM I AMSWERING THAT???

Most prized possession?
Ryan- My kids. 
Shay- My Jeep.
Erin- My house. I love this old pile of bricks. 
JAH- My iPad
Sara- My kids. My daughter is eleven and my son is eight.
Skye- My kids.
Nelle-Other than my children, my 1920’s Chinoiserie baby grand piano. I found it a garage sale—it has a great story behind it— and the music it makes is as beautiful as the work of art it is.
Sadie - My children. But in a more possession/thing area, it would be my laptop and Kindle.
Mjf- Family

Strangest thing anyone has left at your house?
Shay-I’m not sure I’ve had anything strange left at my house. I came home from a signing once with the Savage Trainer’s t-shirt in my bag. I auctioned it off. J

Erin- I don’t think anyone has ever left anything at my house. But I have found things in my house since it’s almost a hundred years old, ranging from hidden street signs, to a rubber ball wrapped in tin foil in the wall (yes, in the wall), to a rusted mallet, old hooch bottles and Shrinky Dink Christmas ornaments painted in the 80s. 

Nelle-I don’t know if this counts…some guy I was dating gave me a pack of gum for my birthday after I’d thrown him a huge birthday party. It was the kind of present that elicited that infamous one word answer--“Oh.” Needless to say, that relationship ended quickly. I hate cheapskates!

mjf- nonya

Ebook or dtb?? dtb=dead tree book/paperback book
Ryan-Both. I get the ebook…then the paperback and get them signed. LOVE signed books.
Kate- BOTH! I usually alternate.
Erin- Both. I like the convenience of downloading a book I want NOW, but I still prefer reading print books. 
JAH- Ebook
Sara- Any and all!
Skye- I love the ease of e-books and that they are delivered instantaneously but nothing beats the feel of a real book in your hands.
Nelle-Both. While eBooks are great, there’s still nothing like holding a real book in your hands, flipping the pages, and inserting a real book marker.
Sadie- eBooks are easier for me to take along with me and I’m an electronics girl. BUT I do like the feel of a dtb sometimes.
Emily -I love eBooks. They are so efficient! I still love the feeling of sitting down with a real book, though. I basically buy paperbacks of books I really love, so I can see them on my actual shelf.

Boxers or briefs?
Shay-I’m gonna cheat and say boxer-briefs.
Kate- boxer briefs
JAH- Commando
RL -Boxer briefs
Abby- boxerbriefs, I finally got my hubby to switch. Way cute.
Skye- Boxer briefs
Nelle- Boxers
Emily- Boxer Briefs
Sadie- I like boxer briefs. If I have to choose between these two, then boxers.
Mjf- none 

Have you ever practiced a sex scene so you could properly write it?
Shay-Absolutely. I also went skydiving so I could write about it!

Lisa- My husband likes to tell everyone my books are fiction, but I’m not going to pretend like I haven’t been struggling with a scene and used some real life inspiration. 

Kate- In a manner of speaking, yes.

JAH- Yes, I have. My husband likes that kind of research

Abby- Other way around, I think I have had crazy sex and then written about it, but that’s a fabulous question.

Skye- Well, you have to write what you know, right?! ;)

Nelle- Dee will appreciate this answer. Yes! I made my hubby get on the floor with me on top of him to work out the snow angel sex scene in THAT MAN 3. There have been a few others. *Wink* *Wink*

Heather - Yes. It worked out great, so it went in the book. Best. Scene. Ever.

Sadie- No. BUT, I have cataloged how certain things ‘feel’ for future writing purposes.

Mjf- Fuck y… Okay, nonya

***Thank you all so much for participating in our little Q&A! We can't wait to see you on Saturday the 25th!***

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